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Today, the Internet comprises more than a billion websites. The competition, especially for free organic traffic to websites, is at an all-time high. Companies, bloggers and webmasters who seek to increase the audience of their websites, must meet a growing list of requirements and demands. So if you want to make sure you are on the right track, you might want to consider the following website Analysis.

  • Finding the Domain Authority and Page Authority?


  • What is the Google Visibility of my website?


  • Checking the Global Ranking?


  • What is the Internal Score of my website?


  • What is the loading speed of my website?


  • What are the Page speed improvement recommendations of my website?WEBSITE ANALYSIS
  • Is the content of my website displayed correctly on mobile devices?
  • Check the SEO improvement suggestions?
  • Analyze the competitive websites?
  • Check the organic keywords?
  • Is my website submitted to major search engines like Google at all?

WEBSITE ANALYSISWebsite analysis means it’s a tool which provides vital information and estimated data of websites. Using mathematical and statistical methods we can estimate websites’ value by market niche and category and traffic such as visitors and page views.  Website analysis also provides social media and internet safety analysis. Website analysis will offer you recommendations, which depending on the importance of the performance criteria for your homepage. In order to give you a comprehensive picture of the complete performance of your website, you will also see results which highlight the criteria that are performing well.


How to add FeedBurner Email Subscription



Google Feedburner is a way where you can broadcast your feed from your website using Google servers to email your content.  There are many features with Feedburner like tracking,  Podcasting and more.  You can also keep track of your visitors through feedburners website at  Feeds are a way for websites to distribute their content beyond having their users navigate directly to their website.
Statistics about your RSS Subscribers so you can analyze and optimize your blog posts. Give your users multiple options to subscribe such as Email,  and other feed-readers (Netvibes, Google etc).  Social Proof (Subscriber count).  Option to customize your feeds such as modify post headings,  branding and more.  Option to ping various feed-reading services once you publish your posts. Integrate Google Adsense to monetize your RSS feeds.

Setting up Your FeedBurner

Step 1: You need a feedburner account for this,  to create an account go to feedburner.  If you have a gmail account then you can use gmail credentials to login as feedburner is owned by Google.

Enter your feed address in given text box and click on “Next”. If you are running a wordpress blog then default feed would be “”.

Step 2: In next page enter your feed title and feed address as shown in below screenshot. You can enter domain name in both places.  Click on next at the bottom left corner of screen.

Step 3: Now you are done, in the next screen you will get the confirmation message. Click on the Feed title and then select the “Publicize” tab,  you will find a below screen. Each tab has several features,  which you can use to optimize your feeds,  we will discuss various features of feedburner in coming posts,  which you can use in your wordpress blog.

Step4: Under “Publicize” tab click on “Email subsciptions” in the left sidebar,  as shown in above screenshot.  In the next screen,  click the button labeled “Activate”.  Copy the code from first box,  this is the code which will show a subscription box to your users.

Step 5: Now you have the code for email subscription box.  You just need to embed the code in website so that,  it would be visible to your readers.  Go to wordpress Admin panel.  Then go to Appearance->Widgets, select text widget and copy the above code, place it in a sidebar and you are done.  You will be able to see the subscription box in the website’s sidebar.  You can even change the look and feel of subscription box, customization is up to you.  You can also check that I have customized my feedburner email subscription box.


webmaster tools

How to start a Bing Webmaster Tools

bing webmaster tools

Bing Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools are meant to narrow the gap between webmasters and search engines and it is the only real channel of communication between you and the search engine giants.  It is therefore necessary to register your web site in both Google and Bing webmaster tools.
Bing webmaster tools provide complete SEO report of your site which are submitted in webmaster tools and related information’s.  It gives an quick overview of your sites such as SEO related issues.  It also provides a primary mechanism for site owners for interacting with webmaster for solving issues.  This tool helps the website owners to index their site in Bing webmaster index.

How to use Bing Webmaster tools

For adding a site to Bing webmaster you should have a account in Microsoft.  Using this account details the site owner can sign in the webmaster tool.  After signing in,  a window shows a following box:

Step 1: Log in to Bing webmaster tools with your Windows Live account.  (If you don’t have an account,  create one.  You can also use your favorite email address as your microsoft account to sign in to Bing webmaster tools.)

bing signin

Step 2: Enter the URL of your site and click Add.
bing url

Step 3: Fill out the basic information and click Save.
If you already have created a sitemap for your site,  you can add it in the Add a

sitemap text box by entering the full URL of the sitemap (

bing domain
Step 4: Now you will be taken to a page that shows three options for verifying your blog with Bing.  Choose the Option 2 which involves adding a small line of meta tag code to your website.  Copy the meta tag which looks something like this:

bing metaname

Now you need to paste this code in the header section of your blog.  Leave this verification page open.
Step 5: Open a new tab/window and go to your WordPress dashboard.
Log in to your WordPress website.  When you’re logged in,  you will be in your ‘Dashboard’.  On the left-hand side,  you will see a menu.  In that menu,  click on ‘SEO’.
The ‘SEO’ settings will expand providing you additional options.  Click on ‘Dashboard’.

bing dashboard
Step 6: Click on the ‘Webmaster Tools’ tab and add the code under ‘Bing Webmaster Tools’.  Click  ‘ Save Changes’.

Step 7: Switch back to Bing Webmaster Tools and click ‘Verify’.

If successful,  you’ll be brought to the Bing Webmaster Tools dashboard.

Social Media

Social Media Optimization (SMO) an Off-Page Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

social media
Social media optimization (SMO) refers to the creation of online content that is likely to be shared through social networks.  Social media optimization is gaining importance as social sharing is increasingly being integrated into search results.  Social media optimization involves two basic steps:  the creation of shareable content and the addition of social sharing tools to make it easy,  in practice,  for users to share.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) puts your company in an optimum position to tap into the rich interactions that naturally occur in social media platforms—discussions about your brand and conversations between you and your customers.

smo ideas

Advantages of SMO

  • Creates Brand Awareness
  • Enhances website’s credibility and visibility
  • Increased direct referrals & inbound links
  • Reaching targeting market fragment
  • Drives good quality website traffic
  • Improve search engine ranking
  • Augmented brand recognition
  • Attract more customers & enquiries.

SMO SERVICESsmo services

  • Customer Engagement
  • Targeted traffic
  • Brand Building And Promotion
  • Increase your linkability
  • Make tagging and bookmarking easy
  • Reward inbound links
  • Help your content travel
  • Encourage the mashup



How to Start a Blog in Blogger



Blogger is one of the top free blogging platforms available for anybody to use.
Blogging is quickly becoming one of the best and most popular outlets of communication.
A blog allows you to share information,  share ideas and spread knowledge to a large audience of people and you can customize your blog in any way you see fit in order to become noticed and gain popularity in the niche of your choosing.  Blogging allows you to become a better writer,  a better person,  and you can even make money from blog writing.

 blogger home page

Start a Blog on Blogger

• The process to start your new Blog is first visit the home page and select the “Create Your Blog Now”  button to sign up to create a new blog in blog.
• If you don’t have a Google account,  you’ll need to create a google account to start a new blog.
• If you already have a Google account,  you can bypass the  “Create Google Account”  step and simply sign in with your existing Google account username and password.
• Enter the blog name and corresponding domain name (to “your name”’) in the spaces provided.
• Select a standard template for your new blog.
• Your blog is now live and ready for you to start writing content.
• Now it’s ready to write your first blog post in your new blog.